Clean and Polished Hardwood Floors are Amazing!

The natural wood grains, deep colors, and the classic appeal that wood flooring can be diminished by a thick film of dirt, grease, and grime. Allow DFW Steam Cleaning to come out and remove excess wax, dirt, and grease to reveal the reason for having hardwood floors in the first place.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Whether your hardwood floors are over 100 years old or new, we have the professional cleaning services for you. After having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned you will find it easier to maintain and preserve your floors.

Our professionally trained technicians at DFW Steam Cleaning carefully evaluate the wood floors to determine the finish type. Then they perform a complete cleaning and mopping to remove any unwanted dust or dirt that could eventually cause scratches to the floors during cleaning. We follow with a gentle waxing and polishing to aid in removing stains and water spots.

Normal traffic and wear and tear causes your hardwood floors to lose their luster and shine over time. So protect your investment and call us at DFW Steam Cleaning for all of your hardwood deep cleaning and waxing services.